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            Welcome to the newly redesigned After a long

            battle with cystic fibrosis, Justin Johnstone passed away peacefully

            on January 23, 2008. His family and closest friends felt it necessary

            to keep his site active to showcase his wonderful photography and

            keep the Phoenixtear name alive through the photography of his

            mother, Cookie Mayer. Her work can be viewed by clicking the

            photo to the right. Justin’s work may be viewed by clicking the

photos above. Or to see both, click “Gallery” on the Menu bar.


Phoenixtear Prints Available: 

If you would like prints of any of the photographs you see here,

please send an e-mail to Some of

Justin’s photographs cannot be made into prints larger

than 4x6 due to the way Justin created the original file.

Additionally, as many of his pictures feature lovely models who

generously volunteered their time to him, he always felt it was

unfair to create prints of them without their consent, therefore

some requests may be denied due to this.

Please ask as exceptions may be made.


DragonCon 2008 Photos Online:

            Cookie’s pictures from DragonCon 2008 are now available in the

            gallery. To see these pictures, click here or simply navitage to the

            “DragonCon” gallery  on either the events page or in Cookie’s

galleries. Also included are photos from Justin’s cousin, Andrew,

of the DragonCon parade. Andrew’s photos may be viewed once you

have started the main  DragonCon slideshow by clicking on the

parade folder.

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